Company Profile
SoftCorp Pty Ltd is a young Australian company specialized in providing cost effective IT services to the Telco and Banking industry.
It all started with Suraz Pty Ltd which was formed in 1994 to provide consultancy services to IT companies in Australia. Business partnerships with Indian software companies were formed to tap the IT potential in India. With the expansion in the services the company grew and in 1997 a new company by the name SoftCorp was established. We commenced off-shore development services through our partners in India while still providing professional and turn-key services locally.
SoftCorp team has a wealth of experience architecting and developing software solutions for Telecommunications and Financial Services companies. The team members have worked for multi-national companies in the past and therefore have vast technical and commercial experience to work on the diversified projects.
Our Pride
SoftCorp is committed to serve our clients through all changes in Information Technology. We strive to understand our clients and take pride in their satisfaction achieved through our persistent dedicated efforts.