Offshore Services
We offer off-shore development and testing services through our business partners in India. Analysis and design is completed in Australia, whereas development & testing is carried out in India.
With the local presence and the domain knowledge, SoftCorp is the main contact for the client. We ensure that :
  • Requirements are understood and documented correctly
  • Effective communication channels are established for technical and business discussion
  • Progress is monitored and reported periodically to the client
  • Project deliverables are reviewed and approved by the client and any feedback is incorporated.
  • Required documentation and support is provided
We work closely with the client and always have a local contact to resolve any issues and act quickly on client's queries throughout the project. 
We have expertise to design and develop client-server, n-tier and e-commerce applications. Our proven methodology and experience ensures a high quality and robust solution. Off-shore development projects can be fixed price or on time and material basis for different phases of the project.

Key benefits

Major benefits that our off-shore development & testing offers are:

  • Cost effective

  • Generates more cost savings than onsite development & testing

  • Due to time difference, 15 working hours a day to effectively deliver project is less calendar days

Case Study

We completed a off-shore development project for a client in Hong
Kong for its Global Order Routing System. We were responsible for managing Indian development team, technical architecture, detail design, coding and system testing. The technology used was IIS, ASP, Applets for a real time refresh on the browser, COM wrapped as Java Classes, JDBC, Java, JavaMail, XML, Oracle 8i, Oracle Message Queues, FIX and Bridge API.