Contracting agencies are inundated with paper timesheets and invoices every week which they have to manually input into their systems. Once the payment is made to the supplier, the payment advices go out via post, with the additional cost for postage and stationery. Also the agencies have to take phone calls to answer queries about the timesheets, payslips and invoices.
SoftCorp has come up with a service called mCube which offers a total business solution comprising of IT systems and manual processes to take on the management of timesheets, invoices and pay advices. Suppliers to contracting agencies can track their timesheets, invoices, and payslips via mCube's web front end. This results into significant reduction in number of phone calls, manual processes and postage for our clients. Contracting agencies receive timesheet & invoice information in electronic format to integrate with their payroll and finance system.
IT system that enables to offer mCube is developed using Microsoft .NET technology and SQL Server.
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