PAssist is developed particularly for the Telecommunication industry to meet ACIF (Australian Communication Industry Forum) requirements.
ACIF has developed a PA (Priority Assistance) code - ACIF C609 - for Australian Telecommunication Service Providers. The code defines the processes and Service Level Requirements that service providers must meet when providing a service to customers having life threatening medical conditions. The objective of the code is to provide the best available service to these customers.
PAssist provides the functionality required to meet the PA code. It can be integrated with the existing CRM system to provide seamless view to the end users.  PAssist provides the following functionality:
  • PA Registration - customer, service and medically eligible person
  • PA Life cycle management including renewal of PA status
  • Management of Interim services
  • Tracking of Alternate services
  • Tasks Management and workflow
  • Auditing - who & when made the last change
  • Users & Roles
PAssist is expected to meet 75% to 90% of client requirements. For any enhancements required to integrate with the existing IT systems, we follow Rapid Application Development model to implement the solution in 3 to 4 months.
The product is developed using Microsoft .NET technology and SQL Server.

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